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The ultimate multiple clipboards for developers. It is fast and very easy to use. There is no superfluous window or manipulation. It has been particularly designed for developers, which very often copy/paste lots of snippets and small portions of code. You can keep up to 10 different objects, and easily switch between them. The content of the ten clipboards can be saved to a file and restored for later use.

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleTenClips can be used to enhance the Windows clipboard with the ability to store up to ten different items. TenClips was designed with apps like Multiple Clipboards, PureText, PowerMenu, and CopyCat in mind but with some improvements. It is a lightweight clipboard utility for use by any type of user but with an emphasis on developers and programmers who often need to copy/paste lots of snippets and small portions of code. One cool feature not present in other similar apps is that it allows you to send clipboard packets to other machines in the network permitting you to share data between two machine within the network easily. TenClips is extremely easy to use and excludes unnecessary windows or manipulation while using. It permits you to keep up to ten different objects in play and allows you to easily switch between them. Any content from the ten clipboards can be efficiently saved to a file for later use. TenClips will also be useful when, for instance, you need to copy a portion of text from a web page or a document and paste it as simple text into another application without capturing all the formatting from the original source. TenClips substitutes the traditional paste/cut in Notepad to remove text formatting.

Download and use it now: TenClips

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